atrito-afeito 011

Double on the Brim


Double on the Brim  (Track 5)


Karoline Leblanc  piano

Yedo Gibson  soprano, alto & tenor saxophones

Luís Vicente  trumpet

Miguel Mira  cello

Paulo J Ferreira Lopes  drums


1 In the Bloom 8:15

2 Anthropic Jumble 16:14

3 Singra Alegria 4:04

4 Jaggy Glide 7:48

5 Double on the Brim 13:27

6 Transmission 8:54


Title: Double on the Brim

Genre: free improvisation/free jazz

Recorded by Joaquim Monte, February 27, 2019

at Namouche Studios in Lisbon

Mixed by Paulo J Ferreira Lopes

Mastered by Harris Newman

Cover artwork by Miguel Mira

Format: CD

Cardboard sleeve

Catalogue #: atrito afeito 011

Release date: September 11, 2019


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